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From the son of Marjorie. 

My name is Shawn Johnson. I was born and raised in the Lawndale community at Central park and Ogden Ave. I grew up with a mother who truly loved her family. She worked as a cook in the kitchen for multiple CPS schools. As the youngest of 13 children, growing up in such a large family was tough at times. Seeing my mother struggle to pay bills and care for her children and her grandchildren as well was difficult. We lived right next to the "Blue Line" train station. There were a lot of people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. The train station was a typical hangout and oftentimes where many slept year-round. My mother being the amazing woman that she was would have me take meals to those who were sleeping under the train station.  Quite often there were times when there wasn't enough food to feed us,  but she would feed others. I could never understand why she would do such a thing. With time I understood the lesson that she was teaching me.  I should never judge and always be willing to help others.  As an adult, I continue to live in the Lawndale community.  Working with the youth for the last 14 years, I still witness the same struggles. In honor of my mother, I named the food pantry Marjorie's Kitchen to continue to serve my community as my mother did so many years ago.

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Healthy Food
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